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Idoo USB Encryption offers to protect your data on USB drives
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USB drives are becoming increasingly popular due to their small size, compatibility and large storage capacity. However, they are usually formatted as FAT, which does not allow setting folder or file permissions. As a result, your data may be susceptible to theft or virus attack.

Idoo USB Encryption offers to protect your data on USB drives by reserving an encrypted area on each USB drive. This way you will be able to store sensitive data there and protect it with a password while the rest of the drive will continue to be public, and you will able to use it as you normally do. What this program really does is converts the drive to NTFS, a file system that is seldom used in USB storage devices.

Performing the encryption process is very simple as the tool will automatically detect USB devices connected to your computer. Then, if you choose to apply the conversion, the program will ask you about the size of the encrypted area and you will need to provide an access password. Also, if your drive contains data, this application will carry out the encryption on the fly. This feature reduces the risk of your data being accessed by anyone because this program will not use other drives to temporarily store the data being converted. Furthermore, Idoo USB Encryption will also let you revert the encryption and recover the secure-data area by means of a single click. You can also use a function called “recover” to recopy agent.exe, an essential application responsible for the decoding process. As this executable file is stored on your USB drive, it may be accidentally deleted.

An advantage of Idoo USB Encryption has to do with the type of encryption used: 256-bit AES, which is considered a strong encryption system. It also offers full compatibility with latest Windows versions and you will not need to install any special software (not even Idoo USB Encryption) to be able to read data from your secure drive. In addition, the encrypted data will remain protected against virus infections.

When I was testing the encryption process, the program appeared irresponsive because it did not show any signs of activity. Finally, after a long wait hoping my drive would not be damaged, I found the application to be functioning normally.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It uses a strong encryption system
  • It allows you to choose the size of the encrypted area
  • It is compatible with most Windows versions
  • It does not require any special software to be installed in the computer
  • It protects your data from theft and viruses
  • It performs on-the-fly encryption


  • It showed no signs of activity while performing the encryption process
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